2018 Project SUCCESS Summer Regional Trainings

Session: Welcome to 2018 Project SUCCESS Summer Regional Training

Huntington Intro Presentation

Project SUCCESS Curriculum/Resource List

Session: Using Curriculum to Target Content Connectors, Vocabulary, and Higher Expectations


Academic Vocabulary

Academic Vocabulary (ELA)

Academic Vocabulary (Mathematics)

Core Vocabulary

Core Vocabulary - most common words

Unique Learning Systems-Alignment to Content Connectors

ULS Alignment to Content Connectors - ELA

ULS Alignment to Content Connectors - Math 


Template for Curriculum Share

I Don't Have...What Can I Do? Brainstorming Template


Communication-Spread the Word

Curriculum List

Session: Language Arts for All: Reading and Writing with Complex Learners


Classroom Resources

UNWRAP Strategy

CoWriter Example

EET in Sentences

EET Wall

Producing Sentences in Writing

Core Vocabulary List

Additional Resources

PrAACtical AAC


PODD (Pragmatic Organisation Dynamic Display)

Chris Klein - Toe Typer

Symbol Supported Text: Does It Really Help?

Student Examples

Student Example:Juri

Student Example: Rylan

Student Example: Sid 


I Don't Have...What Can I Do? Brainstorming Template

Communication Community of Practice May Presentation (PODD)

Session: Using a Communication Device in the Real World


Session: Lunch Presentation 

Presentation - Huntington 6.27.18

Session: Writing Measurable Goals: The Art Behind the Science


Resources for Progress Monitoring

Accommodation Tracking Template

Anxiety Management Plan

Assignment Tracking Sheet Template

Behavior Reflection Sheet

Day Summary Template

Data Collection Guide

Frustration Scale

Goal Organization Chart

Scatter Plot

Self Advocacy Tracking Card

Tracking Sheet with Social Story 

Resources for Goal Writing

Unpacking Standards Flow Chart

Present Level Rubric

IEP Goals-Questions to Consider

IEP Resource Center-Goals Criteria Checklist 

Specially Designed Instruction 

Indiana Resource Network (IRN)

Indiana Resource Network Link

PATINS Project

PATINS Project Website

IDOE Short Shares (click and scroll down)

Additional Resources and Links

Presence Learning

Indiana MAC Overview

Frequently Asked Questions Indiana MAC

Indiana MAC at a Glance

Prentke Romich Company (PRC) Website

Unique Learning System

Read Engage

Additional Learning Opportunity

Indiana AAC Summit 

Training Evaluation Survey


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